Grook Dreadstench

Grook Dreadstench is the most magnificent bard in the universe, and also a member of the 5 Pints adventuring group.

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Backstory: The original goblins lived in tribes on the mountain near the first bullywog establishment, Fairbrook. They were curious and came to explore the new town, and the bullywogs took interest in the goblins and decided to try to teach them how to be civilized. So a few of the goblins settled in the bullywog town and “city goblins” came into being. When the Bullywogs formed an alliance with the dwarven kingdom, Grook’s grandparents tagged along to help build the new port city.

In present day, Grook’s extended family makes up about 80% of the goblin population in Glenn’s Landing and includes 100 or so living relatives. Several shops in this town have goblin children cleaning the floors and dishes, regardless of the shop-owner’s race. You will also find a number of goblin teens doing odd jobs or taking work as mercenaries, or just being hoodlums. The reason for this is because children in Grook’s family are traditionally sent to work for various relatives or business partners as soon as they are capable of holding a broom, and will work there in exchange for food and board until capable of taking care of themselves as young adults. After that they are either given a real payed job at their current place of employ or kicked out to go make a living for themselves elsewhere. Unfortunately it’s usually the second option since there is a steady supply of younger siblings waiting in the wings to be used as free labor. In Grook’s immiediate family there are currently 14 living siblings. Several others died young and a few have already died of old age.

Grook worked for an uncle who ran a curiosity shop filled with interesting and odd (and often overpriced) artifacts from around the world. Grook loved studying them and learning odd pieces of history from relics and old books brought back from dungeons and ancient ruins. Her uncle aquired them from travellers and traders, but most of the interesting ones came from adventurers. So when Grook came of age and her uncle booted her out, she started tagging along with random groups of adventurers who passed through town, hoping for a chance to discover some treasures of her own.

Grook Dreadstench

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